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October 17, 2011

Sally Hansen Nail Strips: Not a Sticky Situation

Aw, man…the ladies over at Refinery 29 found out the hard way that you can’t save those extra Sally Hansen nail strips. Shani Silver reports:

"Once opened and left to sit (even in an airtight container, ugh), they will no longer work. The sticky is gone. We repeat, the sticky is gone!”

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November 14, 2011

Nail Polish Inspired by the ‘Hunger Games’? Yes, please!

I can barely contain my excitement over these pretty polishes. Note to potential Valentines: Since this 12-piece China Glaze collection drops in February 2012, forget the flowers and boxes of chocolate -just go for the polish! Yes, even Baker’s Son, because who wouldn’t try to rock a shade inspired by Peeta (even though it goes with nothing I own…)?!

My favorites, however, are most definitely the glittery ones -they’ll add some serious pizzazz to my wardrobe. Get ready to battle for this line Hunger Games-style, ‘cause I’m ready for a fight to the finish over every last bottle! 

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