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July 22, 2011

Beating the Heat, Mod Cloth Style

On the 15 minute walk to my office this morning, the banana I packed turned to complete mush. My normally pin straight locks transformed into a ball of frizz and the perfume I spritzed on before leaving the house…well, let’s just say it was overpowered by eau de sweat.

Inspired by this street melting New York heatwave and my borderline crazy love for Mod Cloth, I decided to create a list of the 5 items that’ll keep you funky fresh in this intense heat. As for hair and makeup, I recommend a ponytail and waterproof everything. Good luck out there!

1. Tart Berry Rum Dress: This mouthwatering creation is making me berry happy indeed. Lengthy with braided straps and a super loose cut, you’ll only look insanely hot! And at under $50, this one’s a steal. ($47.99,

2. Lavender Sandies Top: I became a little too excited when I saw this breezy blouse. So excited, in fact, that I managed to earn a few stares from my coworkers (who probably thought I finally cracked from all our customer service complaints). I actually own two tops just like this one, minus the polka dots (though they’re really in this season!). Since this was pretty much already extreme heat tested by yours truly, you should add this sheer shirt to your summer wardrobe. And the front pockets are adorable! ($44.99,

3. Vest in Class Tunic: This chic tunic makes my life so much easier. As a huge fan of both layering and vests, these sweltering summer months are always difficult. But leave it to Mod Cloth to find us a cute tank with a printed vest that looks even better than the real thing. I’m feeling cooler already. ($57.99,

4. Featured Dancer Skirt: This reminds me of my dancing school days, but doesn’t look costume-y at all. The blush color is perfectly in tune with the season’s palette, and the cut is just right for a warm weather piece. Take a bow, Mod Cloth - you’ve created a work of art yet again. ($47.99,

5. Iced Coffee Wedge: I’m convinced that this pair of wedges is my sole mate. A cut out design throughout and a bow to top it all off - what else can I say? I’m smitten.($34.99,

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